Welcome to Vighnahar Foundation

Vighnahar Medical Foundation commenced its operations in 1992, with a strong commitment to providing healthcare services.

Our foundation was registered in the year 1992, and in 1994, the hospital started functioning. It is located in such a vicinity that provides easy access to the services available in the center for poor people from nearby underdeveloped and drought-prone areas.

The hospital, situated on the Pune-Nasik highway (known for accidents), frequently receives cases of accidents and multiple polytrauma injuries, including fatal ones. Given the frequent occurrence of accidents, this center is a boon to the community residing in the nearby villages in terms of critical care.

Emergency Services

Treating snakebite victims since 1998, we initiated MISSION ZERO SNAKEBITE DEATH in 2005, achieving a 100% survival rate in our region. We have saved more than 10,000 snakebite victims. Our mission aims to achieve 100% survival after venomous snakebites through:

  1. Early hospitalization and prompt treatment
  2. Massive public awareness for prevention and primary aid
  3. Training of doctors and paramedics

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We’re here to make a difference.